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Low Pressure Laminate

Wilsonart® Melamine Faced Board (MFB) brings about a finest selection for interior applications ranging from cabinet, countertop, kitchen top, office furniture to wall cladding.  Our environmental friendly product collection is well composed by coating the E1 grade chipboard with high quality decorative paper impregnated with thermosetting resin on both sides of the board which result in stain resistance, scratch resistance

Why Wilsonart® MFB
Wilsonart® Melamine Faced Board (MFB)

  • Wide ranges of pattern :  wood grain and  solid colors
  • Varieties of size and dimension
  • Choices of  finish :  W, M, S, P
  • Applicable to all interior applications
  • Environmental friendly : LOW VOC’s with E1 board grade
  • One stop service :  Edge banding service is offered